Location: Oxford

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

Job Details

Hours: 37.5 a week
Reports to: Head of R&D
Salary: Competitive
Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Job Purpose
We are seeking an experienced Medical Statistician with a strong background in clinical trial statistics and statistical modelling (e.g., longitudinal data analysis, generalised linear mixed models, multinomial models, etc.) for large-scale data analytics and predictive modelling. The Medical Statistician needs to be familiar with statistical programming languages (e.g., R, Python). The main responsibilities of the role include data management and cleaning, data integration, and constructing advanced statistical models. The Medical Statistician will work closely with a wider team of machine learning researchers and clinical researchers. The successful candidate will provide statistical expertise, and will be actively involved in study design, data preparation and analyses, preparation of reports and presentation of research.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Preparing statistical analysis plans (clinical trials and experimental design), undertaking statistical analyses, and taking full responsibility for data analyses.
  • Recognising problems arising during the execution and analysis of studies and identifying possible solutions.
  • Identifying data to be collected, developing coding schedules. Extracting and manipulating subsets of the data for use in research projects.
  • Central management (including, but not limited to design, development, linkage, cleaning, validating, consistency checking and refining) of multiple large databases.
  • Preparing data dumps, managing data, performing data cleaning, and providing advice on data preparation.
  • Writing relevant sections of any report/paper/presentation, including preparation of graphics for public presentations.
  • Present findings at internal meetings

Person Specification


  • A postgraduate degree in statistics (or closely related subjects)
  • Experience in advanced statistical modelling including longitudinal data analysis and mixed model
  • Experience or interest in using statistical modelling to prepare clinical trials and analyse their outcome
  • Experience in R or Python
  • Experience in conducting analysis of medical research data
  • Independence and initiative to work unsupervised with excellent attention to detail.
  • Interest in medical research
  • Cross-disciplinary problem-solving and project-management skills
  • Ability to assimilate current statistical and mathematical literature on a topic and address investigations accordingly
  • Excellent time management and organisational skills


  • Experience or interest in multivariate survival analysis and causal inference
  • Familiarity with database languages; e.g. SQL
  • Experience of data management at large scale
  • Documenting, maintaining and organizing well-structured versions of the database schemas and data dictionaries
  • Exploring IT and data management tools for handling large and complex datasets

Equal Opportunities

We are an equal opportunities employer and positively encourage applications from suitably qualified and eligible candidates. Entry into employment and progression within employment will be determined only by personal merit and the application of criteria which are related to the duties of each particular post and the relevant salary structure. In all cases, ability to perform the job will be the primary consideration. No applicant or member of staff shall be discriminated against because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation.

If you’re selected for an interview and have special requirements due to a disability please let us know so that we can make any necessary adjustments.

Information Security Compliance

By applying for this position you are confirming that you will read, understand and comply with the Company’s Information Security Policies if you are hired for this role.

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