The EchoGo Platform

EchoGo Core is a FDA cleared, AI-driven system which automates the analysis of echocardiograms, to assist in the assessment of cardiovascular function and help with decision-making around patient care.

Improves patient outcomes
Assists clinicians in making decisions that can improve care delivery and outcomes
Drives quality
Automates complex measurements, standardizing the quality of image interpretation
Reduces variability
Allows clinicians with a wide range of experience to consistently interpret cardiac parameteres and improve reproducibility

Autonomous platform
Automatically detects image type, heart cycle and contouring, calculating key cardiac parameters

Automated Image Interpretation
Provides accurate and reproducible measurements for left ventricular ejection fraction (EF), left ventricular volumes (LV) and, for the first time for an AI application, cardiac strain

Seamless integration
Vendor-neutral platform, which harmoniously integrates into the medical imaging environment,  providing clinicians with results as part of their routine diagnostic workflow

Clinician value
Reimbursable image-based analysis for strain imaging (CAT 1 CPT code to commence January 2020)

Clinical validation

Ultromics has partnerships with leading cardiology clinical centres in the United States and 30 NHS centres in the UK. Through this, it is continuously optimizing its scanning algorithms by analyzing the archive of scans held by these centres. The pipeline of AI algorithms underpinning EchoGo was built using thousands of images from a carefully curated dataset, from one of the largest echo studies of its kind.

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