The World’s First Autonomous Echocardiography Service
Powered by AI. No Clicks. No Variability.

What is EchoGo?

EchoGo is a collection of cloud-based artificial intelligence services to support cardiac imaging diagnosis. Now you can take your analysis off-cart in the cloud without any variability or need to touch software.

Automated calculations for EF, GLS and LV Volumes

Automated prediction for coronary artery disease

Analyze Strain and Ejection Fraction in the cloud without ever having to touch software!

EchoGo Core delivers rapid Strain and Ejection Fraction analysis, automating calculations from the LV. We are the first and only system to fully automate Strain analysis with zero variability as part of a service. Unlike traditional software, there is no manual selection of scans or manipulation of contours. EchoGo Core automates this and delivers a report back within minutes, giving you confidence in clinical evaluation and more time to focus on patient care. 

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EchoGo Pro is limited by United States law to investigational use

EchoGo Core is not CE Marked for use in the European Union