The first and only FDA-cleared fully automated solution for Strain analysis - is now commercially available in the United States!

The EchoGo suite

The EchoGo suite provides automated solutions to support physicians in detecting cardiovascular disease. Echocardiogram images are automatically sent to Ultromics for analysis and artificial intelligence assists in identifying suspected heart disease, sending a report back within minutes. The system is zero click and has zero variability.

EchoGo Core

Automated calculations for EF, GLS and LV Volumes

EchoGo Pro

Automated prediction for coronary artery disease

Accelerate trials with AI

Operating on a consultancy basis, Catalyst offers deeper collaborations and joint ventures for pharmaceuticals. Born at the University of Oxford, Catalyst AI was developed by expert engineers, professors, and PhDs from leading research institutions, to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence to accelerate clinical trials, reduce costs and variability.

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Ultromics Educational Webinar Series:

Myocardial Strain: Uses and Challenges

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EchoGo Pro is limited by United States law to investigational use

EchoGo Core is not CE Marked for use in the European Union