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Catalyst, by Ultromics, was born at the University of Oxford and is developed by expert engineers, professors, and PhDs from leading research institutions, to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence to clinical trials.

Catalyst operates on a consultancy basis, undertaking deeper collaborations and joint ventures with R&D and clinical trials.

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Automating cardiac analysis

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Machine Learning


Automating prognosis reports

Reducing the time and cost of the R&D process, and of clinical trials in particular, is of paramount importance. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to optimize and refine these clinical pathways.

Our bespoke solution, Catalyst, leverages machine learning to automate the assessment of echocardiogram images, eliminating user variabilities, centralizing analysis for multi-center trials, and allowing a single analysis program to be used on all ultrasound machines.

We use machine learning algorithms which are trained from past clinical examples, through extracting thousands of hidden and complex imaging features not noticeable in traditional visual inspection. As a result, Catalyst can provide highly accurate calculations to power the statistical outcomes of the trial.

Our technology is the only software that can process both stress and resting echo with or without contrast, providing the flexibility needed for retrospective data analysis and widening the patient recruitment pool. We have developed multiple neural networks that can be leveraged to meet each trials unique needs.

What we offer


Full Automation

Interrogates and enhances retrospective datasets to improve statistical analysis

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Zero Variability Analysis

Machine learning tools reduce user error and provide accurate results

Reduces time

Reduced Trial Time

Provides highly reproducible analysis across all vendor machines, widening patient pool for recruitment, as well as reducing trial size

AI Pipline

AI Ready Pipeline

Ability to build classifier for disease specific algorithms with retrospective datasets tailored to your study

Standardized Reporting

Retrospective Analysis

Tailored program delivered through our cloud service

Catalyst is delivered through the cloud to existing infrastructure creating a streamlined pathway for clinical decision-making. Echocardiogram images are automatically sent to Ultromics for analysis and artificial intelligence assists in automating analysis and sending a report back to the physician within minutes.  The service provides 24/7 customer support to users of Catalyst


Secure-by-design infrastructure

Smart and secure system protects data and users, through class-leading security standards

Modernized workflow

Modernized, streamlined workflow

Analysis is automated through the cloud infrastructure within minutes

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Quality checks are performed on all data being sent and returned to site, including image quality and protocols

Intelligent analytics

Intelligent analytics

Uncover insights on performance and data, with reports delivered to your inbox every month

customer support

Customer support

24/7 customer support line​ and dedicated account manager

Performance testing and validation

The technology has been validated and developed through our partnership in the EVAREST trial with the NHS in the UK, one of the largest ultrasound programs in the world. It’s trained on past clinical examples, to spot thousands of features, compared to a handful of indicators in traditional visual inspection. The EVAREST validation trial continues to run in over 30 NHS hospitals and has recruited over 6000 patients to date.

Accuracy and precision was assessed against EF, GLS and LV volumes produced by other commercially available software that required manual contouring. Images were processed by five trained professionally accredited operators*.

It was shown to provide accurate and robust measurements of EF, GLS and LV volumes. Inter-operator* variability demonstrated zero variability when using automated program.

*BSE accredited echocardiographers and board certified physicians.

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